OneBreath represents a paradigm shift in mechanical ventilation with its unmatched affordability and breadth of capabilities.

Highly Versatile

Hybrid design: Appropriate for use in intensive care, emergency/casualty, surgery, and transport settings

Portable: Weighs 7kg, on par with transport average (7kg) and well below the ICU average (47kg). This increases asset utilization as devices can be moved rapidly between units/facilities or transport settings

Suitable for newborn to adult patients: Tidal volume range from 20-2000ml means no need for more than one ventilator for different patients types

Flexible power sourcing: Integrated turbine and compatible with external gas sources (with automatic switching) allowing ventilation to continue through power shortages and gas interruptions

Ease of Use

Highly intuitive, state-of-the-art ventilation algorithms and safety features eliminate the need for extensive training so less skilled hospital staff are able to safely ventilate patients


Low initial investment: Less than the cost of a refurbished machine and a fraction of comparable new equipment

Low cost of ownership: Limited maintenance requirements and non-proprietary disposables means service can be local and hospitals can buy breathing circuits and filters of their choice


Functions in low resources and harsh environments: Minimally affected by dust, humidity, or temperature

Extended battery life: 200Wh of onboard Li-Ion batteries means patients can be supported tfor up to 24 hours without AC power. Batteries recharge in less than 4 hours when plugged in

Patented & Approved

Awaiting FDA clearance as an ICU ventilator: 510(k) eligible and supported by the FDA’s current Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). CE Mark class IIb eligible.

Patents: Global IP filing with issued utility patents in multiple regions

Product Datasheet

Click the button below to view the OneBreath ventilator data sheet.

How it’s Made

OneBreath works with world-class manufacturing partners to ensure our ventilators are built to FDA standards using a robust and redundant global supply chain.

Where it’s Sold

OneBreath will be available wherever FDA clearance is accepted. Our primary markets in India and other parts of South Asia will open first.

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