OneBreath is addressing one of the most difficult problems in critical care medicine: Delivering high precision, high reliability mechanical ventilation at an affordable cost.

The number of people who die each year from respiratory illness in India.
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The number of additional ventilators needed if a large-scale pandemic struck the US.
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Public hospitals in South Africa that do not have intensive care units.
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Patients admitted to an ICU during the H1N1 pandemic that required a mechanical ventilator.
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OneBreath’s initial offering is a ventilator intended for use in ICUs, emergency rooms, and ambulances. The OneBreath ventilator is designed to provide continuous respiratory support for infant through adult patients. It is optimized for low resource environments and designed for novice through advanced users.


March 2020

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The OneBreath team has been closely tracking events surrounding COVID-19. Our unique ventilator was conceived to safely aid the recovery of populations affected specifically by pandemics such as COVID-19. Though our ventilators are not immediately available for sale, we are working to enable the future provision of our ventilators for the treatment of COVID-19 and similar outbreaks. We understand that healthcare systems around the world are experiencing challenging times and we are doing our best to provide access to the OneBreath ventilator to help those who are in critical need. Please send partnership, media and other inquiries to info@onebreathventilators.com

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Founded by physicians and engineers at Stanford University, OneBreath is an international medical device company with a mission to advance healthcare in emerging countries. We focus on enabling our customers to incorporate world-class technologies using products designed for their unique environments.

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